Thursday, November 29, 2012

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a floor plan is worth another thousand at least.

With the power of the internet, most consumers research properties on their own, even if they have enlisted the help of an agent. They lead busy lives and want to be able to access as much information as possible before they go and look at a home. Which is why including photographs in listings is so imprtant. What photographs aren't able show, however, is how the home is laid out. A floor plan answers vital questions that buyers have: Is the dining room ideally located near the kitchen? Can we make a nursery close to the master bedroom? It let's them know the flow of the house and how they can layout their furniture. New homes are sold on floor plans and more and more agants are realizing that plans are a critical tool for resale properties as well. 

Here's what buyers are saying about the benefits of having floor plans in listings:

- Why are floor plans not used in real estate marketing? I’m in the market for my first home. I have been to a handful of showings finding room sizes not suitable to my lifestyle or a layout that I don’t like. This information is easily relayed in a floor plan drawing so why are they not used? It seems like a floor plan would allow me to see what the room sizes are and the overall home layout before a showing.’m
   Joseph in Orlando
- To me, most important thing that will tell me if I want to look at the house or not. With so many houses on the market and so little time to look, it would be nice to be able to narrow the search down.
- We recently purchased a home in Roanoke, VA. Many of the listings on featured floor plans. It was a HUGE help to us because layout is very important for efficiency purposes.
- After location, the floorplan is certainly the most important to us as we have very specific requirements as to where the bedrooms are located, and it's a waste of everyone's time to look at houses that don't meet our requirements.
  Unknown in Apex, NC
- I'm in the market for my second home. I have been to several open houses where I did not like the layout, and room sizes were not suitable to my lifestyle. These details are easily displayed in a floor plan drawing.  It seems logical a floor plan would allow me, and others looking to buy a house, to see room sizes and an  overall home layout before a showing.
- John in California

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